Absolut Grapefruit Vodka 750ml


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Absolut Grapefruit Vodka

Absolut Grapefruit Vodka

Absolut Grapefruit Vodka is our latest flavor addition. It is made with natural grapefruit flavor and has no added sugar. With its truly fresh and fruity taste and iconic frosted bottle, Absolut Grapefruit perfectly complements our core range of citrus flavors.


1½ Parts Absolut Grapefruit
1½ Parts Ruby Grapefruit Juice
⅓ Part Lime Juice
Soda Water
1 Wedge Grapefruit

How to mix
Fill a shaker with ice cubes. Add Absolut Grapefruit, ruby grapefruit juice and lime juice. Shake and strain into a chilled highball glass. Top up with soda water. Garnish with grapefruit.