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The Bruery Or Xata Horchata

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The Bruery Or Xata Horchata

The Bruery based out of Southern California and being close to the border, has gotten into the mix of making a Horchata based Craft Brew. Horchata is a milky, sweet drink that originated in Spain, and Latin America, and has gained a lot of popularity in Southern California especially with Mexican Food. The Bruery's take on the non alcoholic Horchata is to add some zing to it, and to make a blonde ale brewed with a dose of rice, cinnamon, and fresh vanilla beans. This drink does have lactose for an extra creamy body. If you know Horchata, and like it, you will love The Bruery's take on this delight.

Food Pairing: Al pastor street tacos, fresh corn tamales, homemade flan, a mariachi fiesta, followed by a siesta.