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Clase Azul Ultra Giveaway

Brought to you by the award winning makers of Claze Azul Reposado, the ULTRA Extra Enejo Tequila is now available for those looking to truly experience, not just taste Tequila. Made from 100% Tequiliana Weber Blue Agave and aged in Sherry Oak casks, Claze Azul ULTRA Extra Anejo is one of the finest Tequilas ever produced. And now you have a chance to win one of the most exclusive bottles. With every 3 bottles purchased of Claze Azul (any varietal 750ml) you will be entered to win a bottle of the ULTRA Extra Anejo 750ml.

Produced in the Arandas region of Jalisco, Mexico, Ultra Extra is an extremely limited best of the best Tequila. The first edition of the release was limited to 100 bottles, 50 for Mexico and 50 for United States. Packaged in a stunning hand-crafted decanter, this tequila is a once in a lifetime sublime experience. With robust flavors, complex aromas the Ultra Extra is a deep and multifaceted palate experience.

According to Mr. Lomeli, the founder and master distiller, there are five elements that make Tequila ULTRA so exceptional:

1. Hand-selection of the highest quality Weber Blue Agaves that are aged to perfection for 9 years,

2. Slow cooking of the Agave Piñas for approximately 48 hours in brick ovens,

3. Fermentation with a special, proprietary yeast strain created specifically for ULTRA,

4. A keen, watchful eye over each step in the distillation process; and a generous trimming the “heads and tails” of the distillate to ensure the highest quality Tequila,

5. Using only the highest quality, hand-selected sherry wood casks to produce exceptional taste, perfect balance and robust body.

You don’t hang a Van Gogh in a $10 frame and you certainly don’t bottle a Tequila this unique in a standard bottle. The Clase Azul ULTRA’s hand-crafted decanter takes 40 days to produce and is a testament to beautiful detail. The Agave medallion is pure silver “Ley .925” and is sculpted by the Mexican artist León Fernández. The decorative paint on the bottle is pure platinum and is applied by the famous Mexican artist Tomas Saldivar. Finally, the label is applied to this work of art in 24K gold. The final product is a work of art and is signed by both of the Artists and the Master Distiller.

Order 3 or more total bottles of the following between now and December 24th and get entered to win:

Clase Azul Reposado 750ml

Clase Azul 20th Anniversary

Clase Azul Blanco 750ml

Clase Azul Anejo 750ml

Clase Azul Mezcal 750ml

Clase Azul Pink Reposado 1 Liter

Or for Each 1 Ultra You are entered to win.

Or 6 or more of La Pinta 750ml to be entered to win.