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Drinkworks Summer Solstice Cocktails


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Drinkworks Summer Solstice Cocktails

Drinkworks Summer Solstice Cocktails Seasonal Batch

12 Liquid Pods 3 of each = Blackberry Mojito - Basil Tom Collins - Strawberry Lemonade - Aloha Margarita

Warm weather pairs best with cold fruity drinks - and it's never been easier to enjoy them with friends! The Drinkworks Summer Solstice Cocktails make the most of the season with four new offerings, each a summery spin on a familiar classic and available exclusively in our summer hosting pack.

This summer Mojito combines the traditional fresh flavors of lime and mint with blackberry liqueur to create a cocktail that’s tart, sweet and perfect for patio sipping.

A blend of crisp strawberry vodka, refreshing lemonade and an infusion of bubbles, the Strawberry Vodka Lemonade offers a welcome cool-down after long summer days in the sun.

Celebrate the arrival of summer with the Aloha Margarita, which puts a tropical twist on our delicious classic with subtly sweet raspberry and deliciously tart hibiscus.

The Basil Tom Collins invokes a taste from the garden, turning this lemon- and gin-based staple into a fitting complement to your summer barbecue.

Enjoy your favorite Summer Solstice Cocktails while swinging on your porch, lounging in the backyard or gathered inside where it’s cool. And no matter the season, please drink responsibly.