Finest Call Premium BloodyMary


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Finest Call Premium Bloody Mary Mix

Finest Call Premium Bloody Mary Mix

Finest Call Premium Bloody Mary Mix is a premium bloody mary mix that is based on the same made from scratch recipe that made the bloody mary popular all around the world. This recipe consists of tomato juice, black pepper, real lemon juice, and a great tasting combination of savory spices. Instead of having to mix a lot of ingredients together, a person can buy a delicious tasting bottle of this bloody mary mix. After the fabulous Fine Call bloody marys are made, you need some good food to feast on to go with it.

A lot of people wonder what food to feast on when they drink a bloody mary. The answer is that any food will pair well with tomato juice. Since tomato juice is the key ingredient, a bloody mary goes well with just about any breakfast or brunch type food. Egg-based dishes, like vegetable omelets, go well with this drink. Huevos Rancheros, a Mexican egg dish with herbs, spices, and peppers in it make a good pair with a bloody mary. So, sit back, eat your egg dishes and drink your bloody mary and make the best of any day.