Goose Island Bourbon 2015_


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Goose Island Bourbon County Stout 2015

Goose Island Bourbon 2015

A supreme black beer that while in extreme limited supply is one that is certainly worth the money to experience. The hardest choice is whether to crack the bottle open or to display it due to its rare and unheard of bottling history.

While everyone has their own thoughts as to its, hints, scents taste flavors and more, there is one thing for certain. More than some can agree that you will experience:

    • Roasted bourbon scents and hinted flavors
    • Hints of Chocolatey flavors
    • Flavors so well masked that it is a dangerously drinkable beer with a high ABV

This beer sounds great as a dessert beer but the flavors are so well blended with the spiciness and other characters, that it is truly an all-around beer. There are no flavors that overpower another or that become the supreme leader of the pack.