Hudson Maple Cask Rye 375ml


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Hudson Maple Cask Rye Whiskey

Hudson Maple Cask Rye Whiskey


Buying an old granary, in order to open a rock climbers ranch led, in the end, to a different project; one that involved making whiskey. Tuthilltown Gristmill became the first whiskey distillery in the state of New York since Prohibition.

Knowing nothing thing about whiskey didn't stop them. Whilst conversion from granary to distillery was taking place Ralph Erenzo and Brian Lee set about learning as much as they could, visiting and talking to experts the world over, as they acquired their permits and stills.

Then, all done, they made whiskey. One batch at a time. They experimented and tasted. Experimented some more. Until by hand, they’d made an incredible rich small batch whiskey they were proud of.

Using grain from only local farmers, making as little impact upon the environment as possible, they take their spirit making seriously with due care and enormous passion Having been named Best Artisan Distiller in 2010, with no small measure of pride too.

In terms of distillers they are very much the new blood. Their Maple Cask Rye challenges you to lay aside any preconceptions you may have about flavoured whiskey, and born from an idea, an off-shoot of a business deal. Things have progressed. At first Hudson were selling their well used whisky barrels to Noble, a Canadian Maple syrup manufacturer. Noble wanted more barrels than Hudson had to offer, then they came up with the idea of a barrel exchange, and its from there that a whole new period of experimentation begun.

Hudson Maple Cask Rye is a rye whiskey at its heart, and, all of the maple flavor is derived from the aging process. No artificial additives nor ingredients. No industrial processes, just the New Yorkers themselves getting down and dirty, rolling up their sleeves, putting in the hard graft.

It’s paid off. Poured, it is fragrant and intense. Floral, fruity with a mossy earthiness is is crisp, sweet with honey baked apples, it has an oaky grip and liquorice, cinnamon spiciness. There is surprising contrast at work throughout. It is dry, sweet, and oaky with a marked wood driven finish.