Red Bull Lemon Bitter 8.4oz 4P


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Red Bull Lemon Bitter 8.4oz 4 Pack

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Red Bull Lemon Bitter 8.4oz 4 Pack

Red Bull Lemon Bitter is an energy drink produced by Red Bull company. Red Bull Lemmon Bitter is offered in 8.4 oz thin cans and it is caffeine-free. Red Bull Bitter Lemon’s ingredients are often itemized on the can, and they include sugar, carbon dioxide, water, natural flavorings obtained from extracts from plants, quassia, concentrates of lemon juice, lime, orange, and orange. Evidently, Red Bull Lemon Bitter obtains its unique stimulating flavor from citrus extracts and the concentrates of lemon juice. Reb Bull lemon Bitter also contains a herbal bitterness compliment resultant from extracts from plants.