Seagram's Sweet Tea Vodka


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Seagram's Sweet Tea Vodka

Seagram's Sweet Tea Vodka

Cool off on a steamy afternoon with the refreshing taste of sweet tea. The ideal blend of real brewed tea, vanilla, and citrus flavors, Seagram’s Sweet Tea is all about fun and flavor. Enjoy straight, over ice or mixed in your favorite cocktail recipe.

You don't have to go far to get a sweet taste of the South. Seagram’s Sweet Tea Vodka is crafted with real tea leaves for a fresh taste that's light and crisp. It’s just the way a sweet tea should be, ready to mix or drink straight up. Shake up your cocktail on a hot summer day with Seagram's Sweet Tea Vodka, or enjoy it as-is...with friends!

Seagram's Sweet Tea combines all the charm and refreshing sweetness of Southern sweet tea with five-times distilled premium vodka. This is a highly mixable spirit that has the potential to turn any night into a hot Southern night.