Bitter Orange Flower 200ml


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The Bitter Truth Orange Flower Water

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The Bitter Truth Orange Flower Water

Bitters are commonly used in a variety of drinks and cocktails and offers a delightful combination of sweet cirrus with bitter acidic tones. It brings an interesting flavor component to drinks and lends itself well to a variety of applications.The vibrant citrus flavor of this orange flower bitter lends itself well t a variety of applications and offers a cleansing finish to drinks it is added to.

This virginal blossom is both intense and perfumed like Juliet on bath day. Like Shakespeare’s heroine, her flavor is natural and subtle. She marries delicate hints of orange zest and Seville orchards which honeymoon in classic drinks like the Ramos Gin Fizz and the Wallick – a Martini Cocktail variation. Too little and you’ll never find ‘the one’ and too much and you’ll have a suicide pact on your hands.

The Bitter Truth Orange Flower Water is an essential, non-alcoholic water made out of bitter orange blossoms. A traditional ingredient for drinks and food in North Africa, Middle East and Mediterranean area.