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WL Weller Special Reserve 750


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WL Weller Special Reserve

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WL Weller Special Reserve

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The first bourbon ever that used wheat as its secondary grain instead of rye. Wheated bourbons (including Pappy Van Winkle and Larceny Bourbon, which eventually imitated W.L. Weller's mashbill) have a softer and more gentle flavor profile as compared to bourbons that use rye as their secondary grain.

The WL Weller family of bourbons are made with a recipe that leaves out rye, replacing it with wheat, and, after 7 years of aging and maturing WL Weller Special Reserve is bottled at 90 proof. It had an exceptionally smooth taste and an altogether pleasing oaky palate.

The coloring follows the same genetic trait as other members of the WL Weller family, who stand out from the crowd with their deep and inviting burnt orange hues. The aroma of Special Reserve is caramel sweet and smooth. Sip slowly and the sweet honey and butterscotch will flood your taste-buds and this sweetness is tempered with a gorgeous forest woodiness. It is soft, velvety and smooth, delicate and calm like a summer evening stretching out before you. Remaining with you in a loving embrace Special Reserve's finish is lasting and gentle, honeysuckle sweet.

Whilst it is perfect for sipping, Special Reserve's softness of flavor also makes it a perfect choice for mixing your favorite cocktails.