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Bell's Venus 12oz


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Bell's Planet Series Venus The Bringer of Peace

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Bell's Planet Series Venus The Bringer of Peace

Venus - The Bringer of Peace is one of 7 limited edition brews from Bells Brewer, in Michigan. It takes its name from one of the 7 movements in a piece of music by English composer Gustav Holst each of which is named after a planet.

This blond brew takes elements of its character from its astrological namesake, the Roman goddess Venus, whose function was to encompass love, beauty and sexuality. Like Venus, this brew is both fruity and spicy. Light citrus notes are entwined beautifully with fragrant cardamom. Apricots deliver a distinct tartness that is tenderly sweetened by the wealth of hand sliced vanilla beans used in fermentation. It is fruity, sensually spiced and complex in character.