FireBall Cinnamon Whisky 750ml


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FireBall Cinnamon Whisky

Needs no introduction. If you haven't tried it yet, just imagine what it would be like to get a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick to the face if his legs were on fire and tasted like cinnamon. Like it, love it, shoot it-- your dad's whisky never tasted so smooth. What happens next is up to you.

Rumor has it that Fireball Whisky was forged sometime in the mid-80s during the coldest winter Canada had ever seen, when a mixologist turned mad scientist accidentally created a permanent solution to frostbite. The concoction slowly and quietly made its way around North America for a few years, a sort of secret handshake between veteran bartenders. Fireball took an important turn when several bottles were smuggled to the lower 48 from Canada.  Word got out and now we are just trying to make it fast enough to keep the fire burnin’.

The purists take it straight, right out of the bottle – shot glass optional. That’s the only way to get the full kick of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. But if you’re curious, check out some of our favorite recipes.