Wheatley Vodka 750ml


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Wheatley Vodka Craft Distilled

Buffalo Trace Wheatley Craft Vodka

The producer of Wheatley Craft Vodka is a well-known producer of Spirits in the market (Ever hear of Pappy Van Winkle?). You can always rely on the bottle of this craft vodka at any verified liquor store. Wheatley Craft Vodka is good and easily affordable. The brand is very smooth and amazing for serving and sipping your friends and visitors.

Made from natural ingredients such as fried fruit and grain, the Wheatley Craft Vodka is distilled a number of times to give it a true taste of vodka. The winter wheat and water contained in this craft vodka add flavor and gives this vodka its true taste. Get yourself the Wheatley Craft Vodka and have maximum pleasure of real vodka.